Can I type cast in a metric expression?


I have a type (SmartBulb) that extends another type (LightBulb). bulbMeasurement is a collection field defined on SmartBulb.

I am now trying to traverse my data model and am ending at a LightBulb but I really need to get to bulbMeasurement.

All my LightBulbs are SmartBulbs and vice versa.

Is there some way to type cast LightBulb as SmartBulb in my expression?


Currently this is not supported, but the feature has been requested and is being currently developed.

A useful work around is to use a stored calc field to traverse the same path as your metric, and do the type casting in that stored calc, eg:
aircraftShortcut : Aircraft stored calc "slots.parent.assets.(Aircraft)[0]"
…the (Aircraft) is the typecasting piece…

Then you can write your metric to use this stored calc field.

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This probably can be just

aircraftShortcut : Aircraft calc "slots.parent.assets.(Aircraft)[0]

which has the same logic but doesn’t incur the storage or processing overhead of a STORED calc