Can I invoke a custom javascript function in a stored calc field?


Or am I limited to the those functions available in the ExpressionEngineFunction?

Or, conversely, should a stored calc that invokes a customer javascript function actually be written and handled by the Analytics Container Engine?

Which would be considered a best practice?


@ColumbusL did you ever hear anything about this question ?


This is in the roadmap but not currently supported

To be clear: right now you are limited to using ExpressionEngineFunctions in ANY expression (calc and/or transform) while in metrics you can use the MetricFunctionLibrary to use custom functions.


@rileysiebel Is there any update to this? If it is still on the roadmap is there enough information yet to know what release it is planned to be in?


I want to respond “no” but the tool requires 20 characters minimum :slight_smile:


is there any update? I was facing the same problem with a python function which I would like to transform into a stored calc field.


Still not in the development plan for the next year or so.