Can I install a custom pip repository/library to the Platform as part of a Runtime in a given Tag?


Or if I have a python wheel file can I install it in a Runtime?

I am curious to know how to go about this, as it is not natively available via pip or conda, but a custom library that I have access to that would be useful to use alongside the platform.


Short answer is yes, with some limitations we are working on at the moment.

Yes, you have a few options working today:

  • put your library in a public domain (public anaconda, or public pip)
  • put your library in a custom anaconda channel (still public)
  • if your library is small, you can put your python functions in a c3 type, any type that will mix (or extend) that type will be able to access those functions.

We are currently adding the ability to connect to private pip/conda repositories.