Can I implement MapReduce in Python?

Can I implement Map Reduce job in python? For example, can I create an entity that extends MapReduce and then create a .py file to implement a map function similar to below?

entity type PythonDataJob extends MapReduce<Type, void, void, void> {

@py (env = 'runtime')
map: function(batch, objs, job)
def map (batch, objs, job):

Yes, of course. Have you tried it and gotten any issues I can look at?

As it was pointed out in the previous answer, you can. In Python, objs will be the same format as a fetch result. For example, you can obtain the ids for all items in objs as follows:
ids = [obj['id'] for obj in objs]
which is the Python equivalent of
ids = _.pluck(objs, 'id')
in JavaScript