Can I access Cassandra data from my Docker container?


If I cURL’d a bunch of data on my local environment, can I access that data (I believe it’s on Cassandra) through Docker to manually manage the raw files? Ultimately, I’d like to delete those files.


If you are using 7.7.3 or later… you can access that data using SourceFile.get(<sourceFileId>).toFile().readMetadata()

and basically use the file system apis to manage the raw files. for example


We have now moved to manage the raw files of S3 and not store them in Cassandra.


Do we have any similar ability on 7.6 server?


Not sure if theres a way to access the shell and look at the filesystem of Cassandra in docker.

I guess your work around is copying the files to docker using docker cp

then use FileSystem apis to manage them from the c3console using urlOrEncodedPath as file:///<yourfilelocation>


In < 7.7 server the type DataLoadContent stores the raw data in Cassandra. The field content on DataLoadUploadLog is a reference to that information.

I’m not sure exactly what you’re trying to do, but try removing/editing the data contained in that type.