C3 UI Framework Configuring Automatic User Logout/Connection Timeout


In the seed/UIConfig/c3ui.json file, each environment is defined. In this file, you can define when inactive users should be automatically logged-out/disconnected from the environment.

"environments": [
            "id": "development",
            "defaultApplication": "AppName",
            "server": {
                "url": "http://localhost:8080",
                "tenant": "TenantName",
                "tag": "prime"
            "session": {
                "cache": "LocalStorage"
            "site": {
                "renderTo": "body",
                "logoutWarningTime": 3600,  << time (in seconds) before a model warning is displayed, where a user can click 'continue' to stay connected >>
                "logoutTime": 4000, << time (in seconds) before a the user is disconnected >>
                "hideNavigation": true
            "connection": {
                "cache": true
            "designer": true,
            "acl": true,
            "c3Tools": true