Bindings variables in DFE


How can we pass in binding variables in DFE after we created a compound metric with binding variables ?? Is it already being handled by simply pass in the compound metric or we have to pass in binding variables specifically ?
“id” : “QuantityUncertaintySupplySideOverWindow”,
“name” : “QuantityUncertaintySupplySideOverWindow”,
“expression”: “window(‘SUM’, QuantityUncertaintySupplySide, 0, windowInputSpan)”,
“variables”: [{
“name”: “windowInputSpan”,
“dataType”: “int”
@DFE(interval=‘Day’, period=‘1Year’, metric=‘QuantityUncertaintySupplySideOverWindow’)
type QuantityUncertaintySupplySideOverWindow mixes TSDataFlowEvent


you cannot bind variables to trigger dfe’s. DFE’s are triggered automatically on new data arrival, so how will you provide value dynamically? If the value needs to be provided statically then you can bind them as a part of the metric definition itself.