BenchmarkingModel default behavior (no model)


Hoe BenchmarkingModel does compute average & efficient values when there are no coefficient, I mean when:
C3.typesys.Obj {count: 0, hasMore: false, objs: Array(0), queryPlans: Array(0)}

and we have for example:
BenchmarkingModel.getAverageAndEfficientBenchmarking($facility, ‘SyntheticLoadProfileElectricityConsumption’, $start, $start.plusYears(1))
C3.typesys.Map {averageBenchmarking: 3492.84843529054, efficientBenchmarking: 2910.7070294087825, _type: {…}}


If no model has been trained we default average value to be 90% of the actual consumption value and efficient value to be 75% of actual consumption value.