Batching log calls in the UI


I’m seeing too many logging calls of the form:

POST http://localhost:3000/api/1/mytenant/mytag/ClientLog?action=log
{"messages":[{"level":"INFO","logger":"UI","message":"host=localhost:3000 tenant=mytenant tag=mytag ui_t=698 ui_type=Facility ui_action=fetch ui_payload={\"spec\":{\"filter\":\"!exists(parent)\",\"include\":\"[id, name, address1, city, province, postal_code, buildingSizeAnswer, buildingNameAnswer, metricResult, ranking]\",\"limit\":25,\"offset\":0}}","sendConfig":false}]}

They are verbose, should have been of DEBUG and not INFO level!

Is there a way to configure these many requests so that they will be periodically batched in a single call?


  1. There is a loggerConfig on Environment.js where you can set the log level and remote logger.
  2. Remote Log requests are batched.


Thanks @Zicheng, the remoteLogger is already set to true in loggerConfig so the requests should have been already batched!
I will try to set it manually and see what’s changed.