BatchExportSpec in 7.9

@garrynigel In 7.9, for the BatchExportSpec, the fields ‘deleteTrue" and ‘targetPath’ are deprecated. We’re to use ‘fileUrlOrEncodedPathPrefix’ in lieu of targetPath and use ‘failIfUrlNotEmpty’ in lieu of ‘deleteTrue’. Exports are failing for Duke Energy (7.9) and I’m testing the export API now. The deleteTrue flag would allow a fileUrl to be overwritten. I want the Url to be re-used and any existing files at that URL to be overwritten. Is this possible? I tried keeping fileUrlOrEncodedPathPrefix same and setting ‘failIfUrlNotEmpty’ to false’ but the export failed. The definition for ‘failIfUrlNotEmpty’ says
“There will be exceptions if files with fileUrlOrEncodedPathPrefix pre-exist”
but does not elaborate on what those exceptions are.

The error message on having the same Url for a 2nd export and failIf set to false was this:
“errorMsg” : “AwsS3Client exception: One or more objects could not be deleted (Service: null; Status Code: 200; Error Code: null; Request ID: 30B3AF664E665F77; S3,”

Not specifying the fileUrl is not an option. How do we re-use the fileUrl?