BatchExportSpec creating pipe ('|') delimited files


I am looking to create an export in S3 off of a type, but I want it to be pipe (’|’) separated, as opposed to a JSON file that is created. Or is it possible to set it a to “text/csv”, and then using the csvHeader & csvFormat fields on ExportDataCommonSpec I map the values to a pipe formatting?

My attempt goes as follows:
var spec = BatchExportSpec.make({
numFiles: 1,
limit: -1,
contentType: ‘application/json’, // To be modified
fileUrlOrEncodedPathPrefix: categoryName + “" + clientName + "” + time,
targetType: {typeName: typeName},
targetPath: folderStructure
// csvHeader: ##
// csvFormat: map<"", ">
var job = Export.startExport(spec);


When you export a CSV file, you need to provide in the BatchExportSpec:

  • csvHeader which is a comma separated of the fields in your type that needs to be exported.
  • csvFormat is optional, it’s for formatting the values, where each field in csvHeader is a key and the value is the formatting.

For example,

var spec = BatchExportSpec.make({
  contentType: 'text/csv',
  csvHeader: '..., timestamp, ...',
  csvFormat: {
    "timestamp": DateTimeFormat.fromString("yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm z")

I don’t think you can specify a custom separator, the csv file will be using the default , separator. But you can customize your exported data by having a targetAction but I doubt this will considerably slow down the export.


@tedmister @bachr I think content type should have the option where we pass delimiter in the content type
could you try

contentType: "text/csv; delimiter = '|'"

If this does not work we should create a ticket to do so.


Adding the delimiter of ‘|’ didn’t modify the actual delimiter produced in the output file. I will be going down the route of adding a targetAction to modify the delimiter. It would be nice functionality to add if we could modify the delimiter from the contentType declaration.


Yes, we do support it in import in DI, I don’t see why we should not support here. Lets create a platform ticket and then add a TODO to your code.


That’s good to know, I will do so. Thanks for all your help.

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@garrynigel Hey Garry, Do you have any thoughts to share on the targetAction that Bachir suggested to accomplish this same behavior we are looking for?


Here is an example on how to use targetAction and have | delimiter Customizing exported data with targetAction


This feature is available in later versions of 7.8. You can specify delimiter in the content-type as shown below:

    targetType: "TypeName", 
    contentType: "text/csv; delimiter=|", 
    csvHeader: "id|name|number", 
    targetPath: "test",