Azure Event Hub Review Most Recent Messages


If I am using AzureEventHub to load streaming data into an application, how can I review the most recent messages that have been sent through the EventHub to the AI Suite data stores?

If I was loading files through the JMSDataLoadQueue, then I could check the SourceFiles / DataLoadUpload/ProcessLogs that have arrived, review their content in the file store, and then investigate the resulting records in the Type-Enabled data store (be it cassandra, postgres, file store, etc).

I am interested in the equivalent steps for Azure’s Event Hub to analyze message content and determine which records on which types can be analyzed to determine whether the resulting records are landing in the platform in the desired fashion.



I assume this is 7.8 we are talking about.

After the syncing/loading process has begun, the process should be the same (checking SourceFile, DataLoadUpload/ProcessLogs, ect)

If you want to access messages that are in the stream itself, you can call receiveMessages, on your instance of AEH with the partition and sequence number you are interested in.