Analytic triggered by JoinedDataFlowEvent + TSDataFlowEvent that are simultaneously invalidated


I have an Analytic defined on source type OutputtingType that outputs type OutputType.
I then want to define the following JoinedDataFlowEvent:

type OutputTypeFromPreviousProcessor mixes JoinedDataFlowEvent<OutputtingType, OutputType>

But this will be put into a CompoundDataFlowEvent that also looks at this TSDataFlowEvent:

  @DFE(period='DAY', interval='HOUR', metric='OutputtingTypeOverOutputTypeLimit')
  type OutputtingTypeOverOutputTypeLimit mixes TSDataFlowEvent<OutputtingType>

The metric OutputtingTypeOverOutputTypeLimit counts the number of OutputType on OutputtingType, meaning that it will be triggered when we create new OutputType objects.

So the question is: if I have a JoinedDataFlowEvent that carries OutputType into my next Analytic, but I want this Analytic to also take in a TSDataFlowEvent on a metric that counts the number of OutputTypes, will there be an issue where this Analytic gets triggered twice (once through the JoinedDataFlowEvent, and once through the TSDataFlowEvent)?

I believe that JoinedDataFlowEvent should be used here because we need the OutputType objects in addition to the information coming from the TSDataFlowEvent (a metric result, and the OutputtingType that the OutputType objects are linked to). Let me know if this isn’t the right approach, or if I’m misunderstanding how JoinedDataFlowEvent works.