Analytic Node Question

I’m trying to get characteristic data on an Energy Management Application, using a custom analytic node to get characteristic data that changed intermittently over time. As an example, there a custom analytic for number of adults (identified by name == ‘adult_members’) connected to the ‘BillingAccount’ Type that has the path: and the expression: exists(characteristics.(name==‘adult_members’)) ? number(characteristics.(name==‘adult_members’).value) : identity(0) and is connected to an evaluate node with start date 4/1/2018, end date 4/1/2019, and interval year.

A couple questions:

  1. Is the evaluation node the correct one to pull only the most recent value?

  2. Everything I am interested in is on the same path – they are all characteristics. However, they are not all numbers. I’ve tried
    exists(characteristics.(name==‘building_type’)) ? string(characteristics.(name==‘building_type’).value) : identity(0) and exists(characteristics.(name==‘building_type’)) ? characteristics.(name==‘building_type’).value : identity(0)
    as an attempt to get it to show, but these throw errors.

  3. Is custom analytic the best way to get at these values?

Yes, the evaluation node will pull in the most recent value and is the correct node to use.