Alerting for "no data"


Can we create alerts for missing data or no data received? Examples include:

  1. No bill has been received in the past 50 days
  2. The sensor has not sent data in the past 4 hours


Reviving this original question as I have a similar requirement where we need to create alerts when no new data has been received from a device in over 4 hours.

Can this be done any other way aside from Cron jobs?

If we have a Cron Job that runs every 30 minutes, what are the pros/cons of manually triggering DFE/Analytic vs. putting the alert logic in a MapReduce job? (there are over 1M devices)


Hi all, I have a similar requirement, we would activate an alert for no data received in the last X minutes/hours.

There is a way to do that without of using CronJob? What is the best way to do this kind of work?



Hi Laura you can take a look at this

I think we have an internal requirement to have a monitoring type


Thanks Marco, I will check the topic that you’ve suggested!