7.9 SDL Grid: `format` + `roundToPrecision`

What is the canonical (as in canon, not type) way of formatting a grid field when using a UIViewSDLGrid in 7.9? In particular, I’m trying to round a double field.

I’ve tried to apply the same logic as 7.8 (e.g. "format": { "funk": "roundToPrecision", "args": [ 2 ] }) as well as an example from the SDLDemo (e.g. "format": "currency"), but neither appear to have any effect. I also don’t see any format-like fields or methods on UIViewSDLGridColumn. I’ve toyed with the idea of chaining a dataTransform off my dataSource, but that feels like overkill.

Any assistance here would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @andrew.hoeft,

UIViewSDLGrid is still in beta, so it doesn’t have support for formatters in the same way as UIViewKendoGrid. For now, you can continue to use UIViewKendoGrid or implement a cell component to use with your data (see UIViewSDLGridCell, also still in beta).

Precision configuration for numerical columns is definitely on the roadmap though! Stay tuned.