Category Topics

C3 Transform - C3's Annual Developer Conference

At C3 Transform you’ll be the first to hear about the 2019 C3 product roadmap and provide input during an interactive product planning discussion. Over two days there will be fascinating presentations on how AI is transforming energy, manufacturing, aerospace, defense, oil & gas, and financial services, and best practices in enterprise AI and IoT application development.

Type System

A metadata based data mapping and persistence framework spanning relational , multi-dimensional, and NoSQL data stores. Define object definitions, including attributes and functions. Use this category for all your Type System questions.

C3 Platform

The C3 Platform™ is a comprehensive design, development, provisioning, and operating platform for deploying industrial-scale AI/ML applications. Use this category for generic C3 Platform questions.

Tip of the Day

Tips and recommendations from C3 Engineering, Products, and Services teams on how to best make use of Platform and application features.

UI Framework

The C3 UI Framework is a client-side JavaScript MVC framework and components for developing metadata-driven user experiences. Use this category for all of your C3 UI Framework questions.

Time Series

Discuss methods for analyzing time series data in order to extract meaningful statistics and other characteristics of the data.

Ex Machina

C3 Ex Machina™ empowers data analysts by combining data exploration, analytic development and evaluation, predictive analytics, and visualizations into a single application. This category is for discussion of C3 Ex Machina topics such as the data preparation, analytics, machine learning, data access, etc.


Functions for manipulating and analyzing data. Leverage dozens of standard analytic functions to implement expressions that are appropriate for the specific characteristics and needs of your sensors, equipment, building, processes and project scope. Use this category for all your analytic questions.


C3 Type System APIs provide programmatic access to data, application, and machine learning/AI functions. Use this category for all of your APIs questions.

UI Designer

Quickly create new applications, configure existing applications, and design compelling user experiences. UI Designer offers a comprehensive library of user interface components that can be seamlessly connected to custom data sets to create visually compelling applications. Use this category for all your UI Designer and UI development questions.

General C3 Discussion

A catchall for all things C3.

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

Discuss artificial intelligence and machine learning topics.

C3 Tools

A place for all questions about the C3 Tools. The tools include Type Designer, Data Loader, Data Explorer, Metrics Designer, UI Designer, Workload Manager, Environment Performance, Scheduled Tasks, Alerts Admin and User Admin.